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Hugh Jackman

The Australian-born, internationally-revered actor/producer/singer and humanitarian is likely best known for starring in the \’X-Men\’ franchise, and also has countless fans thanks to his roles in a wide variety of films and TV shows, including \’Les Misérables,\’ \’Snowy River: The McGregor Saga,\’ and \’The Prestige,\’ his 2009 Oscar®-emceeing stint, the four times he hosted the...

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The Secret River Pt. 1 (85′)

In 1813 ex-convict Will Thornhill settles on the beautiful Hawkesbury River. But his plans are soon overshadowed by misunderstandings and conflict with the local Indigenous people. 2015 | Director: Daina Reid | 85 Min. 

Pavarotti – The Last Tenor (60′)

In this intimate documentary Sir Ian McKellen follows Luciano Pavarotti while the acclaimed tenor prepares for retirement. We see 70-year-old Pavarotti as his career draws to a close touring the world, giving his final performances, and reflecting on his life and what it means to him to be one of the most popular contemporary performers...

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