Cinémoi is spotlighting filmmakers on the rise! Come be a part of our creative movement.

Calling all new and innovative feature Filmmakers! Cinémoi is looking for the next incredible feature film to be broadcasted on our channel. All submissions must be more than 75 Minutes to qualify. It’s time to bring your work of art into the spotlight.

Calling All New & Innovative Feature Filmmakers! 1The winners will be featured on our Network and will be offered televised interviews of your project. Winners will have their films broadcasted on our channel globally, for a chance to bring your work of art into the limelight. This is your chance to present your craft!

If you are entering for a screenplay, scripts will not be accepted. We must have a full film submitted alongside. Thank you for your understanding.


01: Best Feature Film
02: Best Actress
03: Best Actor
04: Best Director
05: Best Score
06: Best Cinematography
07: Best Screenplay
08: Best Editing
09: Best Animation Feature
10. Best Documentary Feature

Please read: If you submit, please sign and return the license agreement below.

Please email [email protected] to receive a license agreement to sign and send back.


Calling All New & Innovative Feature Filmmakers! 2Cinémoi is a 24-Hour Exquisitely Innovative Network Dedicated to Curated Films, High Couture, and International Lifestyle, with Content Featuring Such Illustrious Vintage & Modern Stars as Bardot, Brando, Deneuve, Depp, Hayworth, Jolie, McConaughey, Monroe, Pacino, and Pitt.

Elegant in tone, Cinémoi is defined by high-quality content, offering a lens to the world at large, re-introducing American audiences to outstanding vintage and contemporary films, and transporting them to the most glamorous events and exotic destinations.

Having earned such enthusiastic supporters as Monica Bellucci, Jane Birkin, Jacqueline Bisset, Michael Caine, Vincent Cassel, Martin Landau, Martin Scorsese, and many more, the 24-hour internationally-acclaimed lifestyle channel is aimed at discerning viewers, showcasing curated films and high couture festivals new to the U.S. television market.