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Pop the Möet & spend Bastille Day with Cinémoi! BASTILLE DAY MARATHON TUESDAY, July 14th beginning at 7 AM ET! Indulge in French and French-inspired cinema, go behind the scenes at the runway shows and learn about the careers of legendary French fashion designers, get inspired by French filmmakers, and don't forget that certain je ne sais quoi! We proudly present our official Bastille Day Marathon schedule: 7 AM EST: Agent 38-24-36 A Soviet agent (Anthony Perkins) recruits a beautiful but dimwitted woman (Brigitte Bardot) to help him steal sensitive documents. 9 AM EST: 'School For Love', Starring Brigitte Bardot Two......

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Cinémoi Celebrates PRIDE

Don't miss our PRIDE MARATHON SUNDAY, June 26th beginning at 2 PM ET! Break out the rainbow flag! For June's pride month, Cinémoi celebrates the LGBTQ+ community with a special PRIDE Marathon featuring Queens and fashion legends like Karl Lagerfeld, Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen and more!  You’re invited to join us on Sunday, June 26th, beginning at 2 PM ET for a day of programming focusing on the message of supporting equality, diversity, and inclusion.  Our extraordinary -and colorful- curation features prominent designers, performers and icons who have been an integral part of the pride movement. Cinémoi is going full......

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‘WOMAN’ Virtual Red Carpet Event & Screening

Hilary Swank & Daphna Ziman Team Up To Provide $1 Million Dollars To The Red Cross   Daphna Ziman, President of CINEMOI Network announces today a coalition of influential women to raise awareness and help CINEMOI pledge up to $1 million dollars for The Red Cross used to help COVID-19 front line workers. Joining the cause is an extensive list of stars including Hilary Swank, Chaka Khan, Macy Gray, and more.  In celebration of the premiere of the documentary film WOMAN on CINEMOI, from the premiere date of June 16th through the end of Summer 2020 (August 31st), CINEMOI will donate......

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Why Do You Hate Me? A Poem

WHY DO YOU HATE ME? Written By: Cinémoi President, Daphna Edwards Ziman Why do you hate me? Asked the child, with a man on his back and a gun to his head. Why do you hate us? Cried the mother, from a pool of blood, laying on the ground. Why? You ask Why? You who walks with your head up high. You, who have stolen our land, our heritage and our lie. You, committing crimes of ambition, While stepping on us- the rightful owners of the sky. You, who have taken our homes, our jobs… And to our deepest fears, you have turned a blind eye. Why do you hate what’s ours? Shouted the limping old man with a bullet in......

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Provence Rosé Group To Fête National Rosé Day in Global “Virtual Celebration” featuring Château de Berne’s Inspiration Rosé

Provence Rosé Group and Château de Berne are delighted to invite rosé lovers from around the globe to join in an exclusive “virtual” celebration and toast on National Rosé Day, held the second Saturday of June each year, the announcement was made today by Bob Gaudreau, CEO, North America, Provence Rosé Group. Scheduled for Saturday, June 13, 2020 at 1 PM Pacific Standard Time (4 PM EST/9 PM BST/10 PM CEST), the online ZOOM event will be hosted by Emmy-winning actor Vincent DePaul with special guests, including world renowned sommelier Jon McDaniel, Château de Berne's Wine Master Alexis Cornu, CEO North America Bob......

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It’s Satur-Date Night!

Light the candles and break out the roses, it’s date night!  Even if we (still) aren’t able to put on a black dress and heels to go out to dinner and dance the night away, it doesn’t mean that romance is quarantined for good. In fact, there’s no better time to kick off your shoes, order take-out and unwind with that someone special.  Every Saturday night, beginning June 6th, Cinémoi is your official dreamy date night destination. Join us for a curated collection of vintage to modern romantic films at 9 PM EST.  So what do you say, is it......

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Film Noir Fridays on Cinémoi

Film noir is often considered to be one of Hollywood’s only organic artistic movements. The term originated when a group of French critics began to use it to describe American thriller or detective films made in the post-World War II era between 1944 and 1954. The work of directors such as Orson Welles, Fritz Lang, and Billy Wilder are also considered film noir due to the use of stark lighting effects, cynical heroes, and intricate plots.  While the Cinémoi team loves a classic romance or an interesting documentary, there’s nothing that gets our hearts pounding quite like film noir.  That’s......

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Join us for a FREE LIVE Screening of ‘The Last Time I Saw Paris’

#DressUpForANightIn with Cinémoi & WIN $100! Elizabeth Taylor was not only adored for her outstanding roles both on and off the screen, but for her exquisite collection of jewels and her iconic costumes; one in particular which made history.Like most iconic Hollywood stars, Elizabeth Taylor worked with a costume designer who was responsible for creating most of her legendary looks.  That was MGM costume designer Helen Rose, who knew exactly how to enhance her natural charms with the perfect combination of modest and sexy. However, this red chiffon gown that Helen designed for Elizabeth to wear in 'The Last Time......

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5 Fabulous Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

While staying home & saving the world. Earth Day may come just once a year, however it's becoming more and more important to be conscious of our impact and the choices we make not just on April 22nd, but every single day of the year.  Even though our access to Mother Nature is limited these days due to ongoing quarantine, there are still ways that we can support our planet and decisions we can make to help create a better world for us all. Here are 5 fabulous ways to honor our home on this day, and the ones to......

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An Ode to 2020’s Most Surprising Fashion Trend: The Face Mask

When fashion meets function, it can save lives. From performance fabric for athletic wear to the Levi’s 501 jean, fashion and function have usually gone hand in hand. Aside from serving as a covering for your body as you live your everyday life, fashion can help keep you warm or cool, help people identify you as part of a group, and protect you from the elements.  Even though designers like Martin Margiela & John Galliano have been championing the couture face mask for years now, with the current COVID19 pandemic, it’s no wonder designers, celebrities and the general public alike......

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