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Ways To School

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Luminita, William, Niessa & Nicol (Romania, Peru & Philippines)

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A limited series about various children around the world who face awesome challenges just getting to school each day but are determined to keep making that journey back and forth, for the education they are so hungry to work to attain.


‘Ways to School’ to Make U.S. Debut on CINÉMOI

U.S. Premiere of “Ways To School” on Cinémoi, on Oct 10, 2016


S1 E1
Anti, Cho and Youssef (Malaysia, Vietnam and West Bank)
S1 E2
Devi, Kritik, and Olivier
S1 E3
Erbol, Oliver, and Franklin

Also on Cinemoi

S2 E7

S2 E7

S2 E7