Written By:
Cinémoi President, Daphna Edwards Ziman
Why do you hate me?
Asked the child, with a man on his back and a gun to his head.
Why do you hate us?
Cried the mother, from a pool of blood, laying on the ground.
Why? You ask Why?
You who walks with your head up high.
You, who have stolen our land, our heritage and our lie.
You, committing crimes of ambition,
While stepping on us- the rightful owners of the sky.
You, who have taken our homes, our jobs…
And to our deepest fears, you have turned a blind eye.
Why do you hate what’s ours?
Shouted the limping old man with a bullet in his thigh.
Why? You ask Why?
You, who have embraced your colored neighbor, just to defy.
You, who have denied our Lord’s prayer, stealing our tearful cry.
You, your laughter echoing through the chambers of our broken hearts.
Mocking our pain of loss, as we yearn for the days gone by.
Those days of belonging and knowing where our futures lie.

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