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7-8:50 am
MR. IMPERIUMDIR. DON HARTMAN | 1951 | 87 minA European member of a royal family (Ezio Pinza) is smitten with an American singer (Lana Turner) he meets in Italy, but their blooming relationship ends abruptly when he's called away for reasons not given to her. Then 12 years later, when both are in the same city again - even though their initial dance was halted so clumsily, and so much has changed during that time in each of their lives - there's still a spark between them, and they begin to give it a go again.
8:50-9 am
LureA short fashion movie.
9-11 am
11 am-1:20 pm
The Big LiftDIR. GEORGE SETON | 1950 | 120 minMontgomery Clift heads the cast as fictional member of the Air Force Danny MacCullough in this filmed-on-location story revolving around his experiences, and those of various other military personnel, and a mix of German locals - including a widow who captures Danny's attention - during the period when the Berlin Airlift took place.
1:20-1:30 pm
EscapeA short fashion movie.
1:30-3 pm
D.O.A.DIR. RUDOLPH MATE | 1950 | 83 MINEdmond O'Brien plays an accountant who on his last vacation as a single man, in advance of his upcoming wedding, is poisoned, with no idea by whom, or why. And when he learns that as a result he has just a week or less to live, decides he's going to spend it on a mission to track down and bring his own (soon-to-be) killer to justice.
3-4:30 pm
American MadnessDIR. Frank Capra | 1932 | 79 minWalter Huston stars as an idealistic banker battling the Great Depression, a conservative Board of Directors and a crooked executive's inside job in order to help his struggling customers.
4:30-5 pm
PASSION FOR FASHION - Giorgio ArmaniDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 30 minOne of the most highly regarded clothing designers of all-time, Giorgio Armani, who was born in Italy in 1934, worked, after serving in that country's Air Force, as a window dresser, then clothes salesman, and designer for various lines and houses, before opening the original Armani company in Milan in 1975. And since then he's been growing a multi-billion dollar international empire which now includes accessories, clothes for men and women, cosmetics, eyewear, home interior goods, shoes, watches, and hotels and restaurants.
5-6:50 pm
September TapesDIR. CHRISTIAN JOHNSTON | 2004 | 95 minA young journalist, in a documentary-style drama, heads to Kabul, Afghanistan, after the September 11th tragedy, to do his own investigation of the search for Osama bin Laden.
6:50-7 pm
JailbreakA short fashion movie.
7-8:50 pm
Ash WednesdayDIR. EDWARDS BURNS | 2002 | 99 minIt's Ash Wednesday in Hell's Kitchen, circa the early 1980s, and two Irish-American brothers - portrayed by the film's writer-director, Ed Burns, and Elijah Wood - have become precariously entangled with the Irish mob.
8:50-9 pm
35A short film centered around a celebrating nature experience.
9-10:50 pm
An American CrimeDIR. TOMMY O'HAVER | 2007 | 98 minBased on a chilling true story movie about a girl (Ellen Page) whose parents arranged for her and her sister (Hayley McFarland) to live with another woman (Catherine Keener) and her six children while they went out with a traveling carnival - and what wound up happening was unthinkable. James Franco and Bradley Whitford are among the supporting cast of the set in the mid-sixties Indiana film.
10:50-11 pm
The GimpA short film centered around a celebrating nature experience.
11 pm-1:20 am
The PassengerDIR. Michelangelo Antonioni | 1975 | 126 minThe life of a journalist - played by Jack Nicholson - takes some abrupt turns when he exhanges identities with a dead man.
1:20-1:30 am
Anatomy of GravityA short fashion movie.
1:30-4 am
The Assassin Next DoorDIR. DANNY LERNER | 2010 | 102 minTwo neighbors who don't know each other but are both enduring extremely trying situations wind up meeting and garnering the strength together to take on their oppressors.
4-7 am
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