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7-8:30 am
SuddenlyDIR. LEWIS ALLEN | 1954 | 75 minThe people in the city of Suddenly, California are looking forward to a visit from the President of the United States - but then the usually tranquil spot is spun into pandemonium when paid assassins arrange to take over a local home, to be in a good place to literally murder the President. Nancy Gates, James Gleason, Sterling Hayden and Frank Sinatra star.
8:30-9 am
PASSION FOR FASHION - VINTAGEDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2013 | 30 minsTravel along with Vivienne Westwood and other designers, celebrities, and fashionistas as they share how they harnessed their love for various elements of the past to develop their own unique vintage styles.
9-10 am
The ZooDIR. SHANE BRENNAN | 2011 | 60 minA peek inside the fascinating day-to-day experiences of the team behind Ireland's biggest family attraction, the 186-year-old Dublin Zoo...There are always new animals, new stories, new drama.
10-10:30 am
HutanAn exploration of the animals, birds and plant life living in Malysia, in the oldest rainforest in the world.
10:30-11 am
The Secret Life of BirdsFind out all kinds of interesting facts, including how various bird species communicate, what their courtship and nesting practices are, their techniques for dealing with hardship, which are the most intelligent, and how they figure out the best ways to live alongside people.
11 am-12:30 pm
OF HUMAN BONDAGEDIR. JOHN CROMWELL | 1934 | 83 minA young medical student (Leslie Howard) becomes obsessed with a waitress (Bette Davis) whose feelings for him just aren't there, but even so, as years and years go by, and she's, in fact, quite unkind to him, he's unable to fully move on, it appears, as long as she's alive, in this film Lester Cohen adapted from a novel with the same title written by W. Somerset Maugham.
12:30-1 pm
PASSION FOR FASHION - Ralph LaurenDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 30 minsA ride through the career so far of the internationally-renowned designer/philanthropist who developed a line of neckties after working a retail job at Brooks Brothers, and that led to the start of the ever-expanding Polo empire, which includes fragrances, home furnishings and luxury clothing. Lauren also has created various dining experiences, and launched and engaged in numerous humanitarian efforts across the globe.
1-2 pm
Gene Kelly (Stars of the Silver Screen)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2014 | 60 minKelly came from a dancing family and the musicals he was in, including 'An American in Paris,' 'Anchors Aweigh,' 'Brigadoon,' 'On the Town,' and many others, featured spectacular achievements in choreography and dancing talent. He, in fact, worked behind the scenes on most of his own dance sequences, and his dance routine to the title song in 'Singin' in the Rain' is considered by many the best in film history.
2-4 pm
Cover GirlDIR. CHARLES VIDOR | 1944 | 107 minAn ambitious chorus girl seeks a career on Broadway by entering a magazine's Cover Girl contest. And among the talent in the picture, which won the Oscar® for Best Score: Eve Arden, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Phil Silvers.
4-6:30 pm
THE EDDIE DUCHIN STORYDIR. GEORGE SIDNEY | 1956 | 123 minTear-inducing Hollywood biography of 1930s and 1940s famous pianist-turned-bandleader Eddie Duchin. After his wife dies in childbirth, he tours the world, tries to reconcile with his son and marries his son's nanny, then finds out he has a fatal disease. The leads: Tyrone Power and Kim Novak.
6:30-7 pm
PASSION FOR FASHION - TOM FORDDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2013 | 30 minBefore he became a world-renowned designing name, Ford acted in commercials, graduated from Parsons The New School for Design and worked for designers Cathy Hardwicke and Perry Ellis. Then he became Gucci?s Women's Ready-To-Wear designer, later their Creative Director, and ultimately went on to launch his own label, and write the screenplays for and direct two movies, 'A Single Man' and 'Nocturnal Animals.'
7-8 pm
Gregory Peck (Stars of the Silver Screen)DIR. LINDY SAVILLE | 2015 | 60 minIn his 45+ year film career, Peck brought so much dignity to the acting profession with his film choices and performances - from 'Gentleman's Agreement' to 'Roman Holiday' to 'The Keys of the Kingdom' to 'The Yearling' to his Best Actor Oscar®-winning role as Atticus Finch in 'To Kill A Mockingbird.' And he also won the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian award, honoring his years of involvement in behalf of causes he believed in.
8-10:20 pm
BEHOLD A PALE HORSEDIR. Fred Zinnemann | 1964 | 118 minThe story of a Spanish guerrilla living in exile in France and still leading raids on Spain, long after the Spanish Civil War has ended. And its star-studded cast includes Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, and Omar Sharif.
10:20-10:30 pm
SilenceA short film centered around a celebrating nature experience.
10:30-11 pm
MARK WAHLBERG (MOVIE STARS)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2014 | 30 minHe first became known as Marky Mark in a 1990s band and has gone on to make a name for himself as an actor in numerous popular feature films, beginning with 'The Basketball Diaries,' and also including 'Boogie Nights,' 'Planet of the Apes,' 'The Departed,' 'The Perfect Storm,' 'Three Kings,' and 'Ted,' as well as an Executive Producer of various TV series and movies, including 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Entourage,' 'In Treatment,' and the 'Wahlburgers.'
11 pm-1 am
Faces in the CrowdDIR. JULIEN MAGNAT | 2011 | Milla Jovovitch plays a kindergarten teacher who after seeing a serial killer murder a woman is also attacked by him, but gets away, only to then fall and hit her head in the process, and when she awakens from a coma a week later is diagnosed with the rare disease, face blindness, leaving her unable to recognize faces, and she's the only one who knows what the murderer looks like?
1-2:50 am
TraumaDIR. MARC EVANS | 2004 | 93 minColin Firth, in this stylish thriller, portrays a man who awakens from a car accident to find his wife (Naomie Harris) dead and so much else in his life strewn into chaos. There's also a new neighbor (played by Mena Suvari) who brings a quite different energy into the picture, while memories haunt, questions swirl, and little turns out to be what it appears to at first glance, or second?
2:50-3 am
MiaA short fashion movie.
3-4 am
TONY CURTIS (STARS OF THE SILVER SCREEN)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 60 minsHe didn't have it easy in his early life, spending a short while in an orphanage with his brother, who a few years later was killed after being hit by a truck. But Tony, as time passed, found his footing again, and after the attack on Pearl Harbor joined the Navy. And soon after his discharge, in 1945, began studying acting, the career in which he would rock for over 50 years. Among the films he starred in: 'Houdini,' 'Operation Petticoat,' 'Some Like It Hot,' 'Spartacus,' 'Sweet Smell of Success' and 'The Defiant Ones.'
4-7 am
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