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7-9:20 am
The Big LiftDIR. GEORGE SETON | 1950 | 120 minMontgomery Clift heads the cast as fictional member of the Air Force Danny MacCullough in this filmed-on-location story revolving around his experiences, and those of various other military personnel, and a mix of German locals - including a widow who captures Danny's attention - during the period when the Berlin Airlift took place.
9:20-9:30 am
Queen BrushandsA short fashion movie.
9:30-11 am
The ZooDIR. SHANE BRENNAN | 2011 | 90 minA peek inside the fascinating day-to-day experiences of the team behind Ireland's biggest family attraction, the 186-year-old Dublin Zoo...There are always new animals, new stories, new drama.
11 am-1:30 pm
The Jolson StoryDIR. ALFRED E. GREEN | 1946 | 128 minA young boy defies his father and his religion to become "America's greatest entertainer."
1:30-4 pm
Anne Frank RememberedDIR. JON BLAIR | 1995 | 122 minAn Academy Award®-winning documentary shining a light on the life of Anne Frank, featuring narration by Kenneth Branagh, readings of her diary by Glenn Close and Joely Richardson, and footage of Edith, Margo, and Otto Frank, as well as of Miep Gies, an employee of Otto who helped hide the Frank family, and the only actual archive film ever shown of Anne herself.
4-6:20 pm
The CoupleDIR. JOHN DALY | 2004 | 120 minMartin Landau as a wealthy businessman of Hungarian Jewish descent in 1944 must give away just about everything he has to the Nazis in order to (hopefully) ensure the safe journey of his family out of Germany.
6:20-6:30 pm
Red WallA short fashion movie.
6:30-7 pm
WOODY ALLEN 'MOVIE TALK' SPECIALDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 30 minsA look at the career of the actor/comedian/director/musician/ writer who's now in his 6th decade in show business, which he started as a TV writer, then moved into acting with 'What's New Pussycat,' and began on his prolific directing path with 'Take the Money and Run.'
7-8 pm
Cinemoi Goes to Venice 201760 minFor the first time Cinemoi takes a trip to the Venice Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world and one of the 'Big Three' film festivals alongside the Cannes Film Festival and Berlin International Film Festival, offering an exclusive report to the American audience.
8-10:20 pm
The Go-BetweenDIR. Joseph Losey | 1971 | 116 minA multi-award-winning film that's the story of the romance between a young woman of the aristocracy and a lowly farmer. Told through the eyes of the boy who is hired to deliver messages between the lovers, and starring Alan Bates, Julie Christie and Michael Redgrave.
10:20-10:30 pm
Satin FlowersA short fashion movie.
10:30-11 pm
STEVEN SPIELBERG 'MOVIE TALK' SPECIALDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 30 minA flashback through the career of the director/producer/writer who has been entertaining and enlightening audiences for more than 40 years, with films in so many different worlds, from 'Jaws' to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to 'Poltergeist,' 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' to the Indiana Jones franchise, 'The Color Purple' to 'Hook,' 'Jurassic Park' to 'Schindler's List,' 'Amistad' to 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'War of the Worlds' to 'Lincoln' and so many more.
11 pm-12 am
Extreme FashionistasA lively look at new unexpected places around the world, including Algiers, Haiti, Karachi, and Rangoon, where fashion is just starting to emerge, and it?s often not easy to be creative or different.
12-1 am
The Jonathan Ross ShowThe Jonathan Ross Show airs exclusively on Cinémoi in the U.S.

Guests this episode include Joan Collins, Natalie Dormer, Jack Dee and Rag'n'Bone Man.
1-2:50 am
The QuietDIR. JAMIE BABBITT | 2006 | 86 minA deaf and mute orphan girl (Camilla Belle) who moves in with her godparents, portrayed by Martin Donovan and Edie Falco, soon finds all is not as it seems, and others in the cast include Shawn Ashmore and Elisha Cuthbert.
2:50-3 am
ReminiscenceA short fashion movie.
3-4 am
Clark Gable (Stars of the Silver Screen)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2011 | 60 minClark Gable. Hollywood's original heartthrob and the man who uttered cinema's most famous line. Winner of the Oscar® for Best Actor in Frank Capra's It Happened One Night and star of Gone With The Wind and Mutiny on the Bounty, Gable was a gentleman of the silver screen and an actor who has left an enduring imprint on the movies.
4-7 am
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