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7-8:50 am
MADE FOR EACH OTHERDIR. JOHN CROMWELL | 1939 | 92 minCarole Lombard and James Stewart head up the cast of this story about a young couple who get married after knowing each other just one day, when the groom's boss had wanted him to marry his own daughter, with the repercussions from that looming large, and they're only the beginning of the challenges they need to navigate as time goes by.
8:50-9 am
PolaroidreamA short fashion movie.
9-11 am
EARTH FROM ABOVE: A Green Emerald (Gabon)Gabon is among the world's last earthly paradises. But this preserved treasure, that's twice the size of France, made up of 85% forest, and on which elephants are the most prevalent inhabitants, is threatened by the massive exploitation of its natural resources. "It is too late to be pessimistic," proclaims Arthus-Bertrand. "We must act now to save it."
11 am-12:50 pm
Whistle StopDIR. LEONIDE MOGUY | 1946 | 85 minAva Gardner and George Raft co-star in this story revolving around a woman who returns to her hometown after being away for a while only to find herself in the middle of a mess when two men from her past, who can't stand each other, are interested again, with each appearing willing to go to very dangerous lengths to see that the other doesn't win out.
12:50-1 pm
Florida Project InterviewsThe Florida Project tells the story of a precocious six-year-old and her ragtag group of friends whose summer break is filled with childhood wonder, possibility and a sense of adventure while the adults aren't around.
1-3:20 pm
The Strange Love of Martha IversDIR. LEWIS MILESTONE | 1946 | 116 minBarbara Stanwyck portrays a woman who runs an empire she built with an inheritance, Kirk Douglas - in his film debut - is her alcoholic DA husband who's much more into her than she to him, and soon after a man (Van Heflin) from their past gets in an accident driving through the city they live in, their little corner of the world rapidly begins to unravel.
3:20-3:30 pm
JailbreakA short fashion movie.
3:30-4 pm
PASSION FOR FASHION - BRANDS AND LOGOSDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2013 | 30 minThese days, when fashion brands and logos are inseparable, see how Tom Ford helped turn Gucci into such a successful company, then went on to do the same with his self-named brand.
4-6 pm
Ash WednesdayDIR. EDWARDS BURNS | 2002 | 99 minIt's Ash Wednesday in Hell's Kitchen, circa the early 1980s, and two Irish-American brothers - portrayed by the film's writer-director, Ed Burns, and Elijah Wood - have become precariously entangled with the Irish mob.
6-8 pm
An American CrimeDIR. TOMMY O'HAVER | 2007 | 98 minBased on a chilling true story movie about a girl (Ellen Page) whose parents arranged for her and her sister (Hayley McFarland) to live with another woman (Catherine Keener) and her six children while they went out with a traveling carnival - and what wound up happening was unthinkable. James Franco and Bradley Whitford are among the supporting cast of the set in the mid-sixties Indiana film.
8-10:20 pm
The BurglarsDIR. HENRI VERNEUIL | 1971 | 120 minIn this remake of the 1956 film noir, the leader of a gang steals a valuable collection of emeralds and is chased by a corrupt cop who doesn't want to ...
10:20-10:30 pm
SilenceA short film centered around a celebrating nature experience.
10:30-11 pm
Matt Damon (Movie Stars)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2014 | 30 minThe actor/humanitarian/producer/writer began his career with a small role in 'Mystic Pizza' and came to huge international attention as the co-writer, with Ben Affleck, of 'Good Will Hunting, which won the Best Original Screenplay Oscar®. Since then, Damon's been a part of numerous films, including the Jason Bourne and Ocean's Eleven franchises, 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'The Departed,' 'The Good Shepherd,' and 'The Talented Mr. Ripley,' and TV projects, including 'Behind The Candelabra.'
11 pm-1:30 am
Lost HorizonDIR. FRANK CAPRA | 1937 | 132 minA British diplomat (Ronald Colman) and a small group of civilians crash land in the Himalayas, and are rescued by the people of the mysterious, Eden-like valley of Shangri-la.
1:30-2 am
PASSION FOR FASHION - Karl LagerfeldDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 30 minSoak up the work of the designer/photographer known the world over as the man behind Chanel, Fendi, and his own numerous lines, and for his aura of constant re-invention and the ability to continue capturing so many apropos moods as time goes by.
2-3:50 am
The Virgin of JuarezDIR. KEVIN JAMES DOBSON | 2006 | 90 minIn this film based-on-a-true-story Minnie Driver portrays a journalist who goes to Juarez, Mexico, to investigate the murders of hundreds of young women who work mostly in maquiladoras there, across the border from El Paso, Texas, and Esai Morales plays a Juarez priest who's one of the people she teams up with to try whatever it'll take to help end the bloodshed.
3:50-4 am
Lovers GameA short fashion movie.
4-7 am
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