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7-9 am
THE MAN ON THE EIFFEL TOWERDIR. BURGESS MEREDITH | 1949 | 97 minCharles Laughton, Burgess Meredith, Franchot Tone and Jean Wallace are among the cast in this Paris-set murder mystery that's spun into motion with not-your-ordinary contract killing deal and winds down when a pursued suspect ends up atop one of the most visited locations in the world.
9-10 am
The ZooDIR. SHANE BRENNAN | 2011 | 60 minA peek inside the fascinating day-to-day experiences of the team behind Ireland's biggest family attraction, the 186-year-old Dublin Zoo...There are always new animals, new stories, new drama.
10-10:30 am
HutanAn exploration of the animals, birds and plant life living in Malysia, in the oldest rainforest in the world.
10:30-11 am
The Secret Life of BirdsFind out all kinds of interesting facts, including how various bird species communicate, what their courtship and nesting practices are, their techniques for dealing with hardship, which are the most intelligent, and how they figure out the best ways to live alongside people.
11 am-12:30 pm
The BigamistDIR. IDA LUPINO | 1953 | 80 minJoan Fontaine, Edmund Gwenn, Ida Lupino and Edmond O'Brien star in a movie that begins as a story about a couple trying to adopt a child but is soon also a look into the secret other life of the husband that's discovered during the process.
12:20-2:50 pm
ImpactDIR. ARTHUR LUBIN | 1949 | 111 minWhen business tycoon Walter, portrayed by Brian Donlevy, survives the attempt of his wife Irene (Helen Walker) and Jim, her young lover (Tony Barrett), to kill him, tables turn on Jim and that's only the beginning of numerous unpredictable twists and turns for both Walter and Irene, out and about, and in court. Co-stars include Charles Coburn as a police lieutenant and Ella Raines as the boss at a service station.
2:50-3 pm
StrongA short film centered around a celebrating nature experience.
3-4 pm
Discovering HustonDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2011 | 46 minHuston began his legendary career as a screenwriter, and the first film he also directed was 'The Maltese Falcon,' in 1941, followed with numerous other directing (and also often writing) credits through the late '80s, including 'The Treasure of the Sierra Madre,' for which he won the Oscar® as Director and Writer, 'Key Largo,' 'The African Queen,' 'The Misfits' and 'Prizzi's Honor.' He also acted in such movies as 'The Cardinal' and 'Chinatown.'
4-6 pm
The ZooDIR. SHANE BRENNAN | 2011 | 120 minA peek inside the fascinating day-to-day experiences of the team behind Ireland's biggest family attraction, the 186-year-old Dublin Zoo...There are always new animals, new stories, new drama.
6-8:20 pm
LilithDIR. ROBERT ROSSEN | 1964 | 116 minWarren Beatty and Jean Seberg are the leads in this story about a Korean War vet now working in a mental hospital who becomes dangerously obsessed with a seductive enigmatically-withdrawn patient. And Peter Fonda, Gene Hackman, Kim Hunter and Jessica Walter play supporting roles.
8:20-8:30 pm
Dias 2A short fashion movie.
8:30-9 pm
STEVEN SPIELBERG 'MOVIE TALK' SPECIALDIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2016 | 30 minA flashback through the career of the director/producer/writer who has been entertaining and enlightening audiences for more than 40 years, with films in so many different worlds, from 'Jaws' to 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind,' 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' to 'Poltergeist,' 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' to the Indiana Jones franchise, 'The Color Purple' to 'Hook,' 'Jurassic Park' to 'Schindler's List,' 'Amistad' to 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'War of the Worlds' to 'Lincoln' and so many more.
9-11:20 pm
The Pumpkin EaterDIR. Jack Clayton | 1964 | 118 minAward-winning British drama that's a study of a woman with a cheating husband, starring Anne Bancroft, Peter Finch and James Mason.
11:20-11:30 pm
Alter EgoA short fashion movie.
11:30 pm-12 am
Hugh Jackman (Movie Stars)DIR. LYNDY SAVILLE | 2014 | 30 minThe Australian-born, internationally-revered actor/producer/singer and humanitarian is likely best known for starring in the 'X-Men' franchise, and also has countless fans thanks to his roles in a wide variety of films and TV shows, including 'Les Misérables,' 'Snowy River: The McGregor Saga,' and 'The Prestige,' his 2009 Oscar®-emceeing stint, the four times he hosted the Tony Awards, and his Tony-winning performance in 'The Boy From Oz.'
12-2 am
Cover GirlDIR. CHARLES VIDOR | 1944 | 107 minAn ambitious chorus girl seeks a career on Broadway by entering a magazine's Cover Girl contest. And among the talent in the picture, which won the Oscar® for Best Score: Eve Arden, Gene Kelly, Rita Hayworth and Phil Silvers.
2-3:50 am
The Fabulous DorseysDIR. ALFRED E. GREEN | 1947 | 88 minThe story of the lives and careers of the hugely popular swing band era musicians the Dorsey Brothers, actually played in the film by Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey themselves, who perform several of their hits in the movie, which features appearances by a slew of other top musical talent as well, including Bob Eberly, Helen O'Connell and Art Tatum.
3:50-4 am
Red WallA short fashion movie.
4-7 am
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