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Passion For Fashion

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Travel back to the 1920s as we take a special look at some of the earliest supermodels, women who were among the first to rock the catwalk, capture photographers, and fill magazine pages – vigorously paving the way for today’s fashion icons all across the globe.

Passion for Fashion brings fashionistas what you’ll want to know, featuring top designers from around the world, the most stunningly dressed celebrities, and every look under the sun, from haute couture to pret-a-porter to vintage, in a stylish and fast-paced celebration of the industry and its icons.


Check out some of the latest bags, hats, jewelry, and shoes that will create the final touch to make an outfit – and see how top designers compete to get theirs noticed.
A look at America’s impact on fashion since the ‘50s, via the accessory and apparel styles brought to life by so many iconic US designers and those who’ve worn them, including presidential wives Jacqueline Kennedy and Michelle Obama.
These days, when fashion brands and logos are inseparable, see how Tom Ford helped turn Gucci into such a successful company, then went on to do the same with his self-named brand.
Celebrity Labels
So many of today’s top-name entertainers are turning their hand to designing that fashion with celebrity labels can be found nearly everyday, and in this episode the focus is on items designed by celebrities, where they get their inspiration, and what they might come out with next.
Coco Chanel, who learned to sew in the orphanage where she was sent after her mother died, opened her first shop when she was 27, and soon her idea of turning a jersey shirt into a dress set the world of fashion on fire. And she never stopped moving the field forward – Chanel No. 5 perfume, the Chanel suit and little black dress all sprung from her imagination.
Department Stores
Learn the stories the stores have to tell as they continue playing their role in the ever-changing landscape of the commercial fashion world.
Before he was a designer helping establish Paris as the center of the fashion world, Christian Dior owned a small gallery that featured art by Picasso. But he ultimately closed it, did designing himself for others, as well as a stint in the military. Then in 1946 opened his own groundbreaking fashion house, and the field has never been the same since.
Follow the ride through the career of Hubert de Givenchy who opened his fashion house in 1952, just a year later began his long run supplying Audrey Hepburn outfits for such classic films as ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ and ‘Funny Face,’ and over the years has also dressed many other fashion icons, including Princess Grace of Monaco and Jacqueline Kennedy.
Haute Couture
A fast-paced tip of the hat to the fine art of fashion, the high standards and image the houses and talent must consistently maintain, and project.
Over the years, clothing styles that originated for use in wars – from boots to long jackets – have found their way into the world of high fashion. In this episode, see a variety of military-inspired trends on the catwalk and Red Carpet, and in music videos and other pop culture arenas.
The Great Outdoors
Festival Chic. Beachwear in the movies. Stunning clothes to keep the cold away. See all these and much more in this colorful, fast-paced episode highlighting outfits for the outside.
A look back at how designer clothes evolved to become part of the ready-to-wear pop culture marketplace, with Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent among those who were there at the start of the swing in that direction.
Rock ‘N’ Roll
A look at how Jean Paul Gaultier and so many other fashion stars have over the years become synonymous with the rebels of music.
Travel back to the 1920s as we take a special look at some of the earliest supermodels, women who were among the first to rock the catwalk, capture photographers, and fill magazine pages – vigorously paving the way for today’s fashion icons all across the globe.
Tom Ford
Before he became a world-renowned designing name, Ford acted in commercials, graduated from Parsons The New School for Design and worked for designers Cathy Hardwicke and Perry Ellis. Then he became Gucci’s Women’s Ready-To-Wear designer, later their Creative Director, and ultimately went on to launch his own label, and write the screenplays for and direct two movies, ’A Single Man’ and ’Nocturnal Animals.’
In this episode see how much hip-hop has impacted so many designers and the fashions they create.
Valentino Clemente Lucovico Garavini, one of today’s most celebrated living designers, started his own line in 1959 and within just a few years was a favorite of some of the most famous people in the world; among those who’ve worn attire from his collection: Princess Grace of Monaco, Jennifer Lawrence, Katy Perry, Elizabeth Taylor and Andy Warhol.
He followed in his mother’s footsteps, as she was a dressmaker and he got his start as an apprentice in her business. Then in 1978 he launched his first clothing line, debuted his initial couture collection in ’89, and went on to become one of the world’s top fashion designers, with an empire that also included home furnishings and perfumes, and worked on costumes for several movies and TV shows, including ‘Born Yesterday’ and ‘Miami Vice.’ But then he was murdered in 1997, while his brand has endured.
Travel along with Vivienne Westwood and other designers, celebrities, and fashionistas as they share how they harnessed their love for various elements of the past to develop their own unique vintage styles.
An international icon who was bullied in school and found his way to solace through fashion, creating detailed paper dolls as a child, designing clothes for his family as he got older, and getting hired by Christian Dior soon after they met – then winding up taking over the Dior Fashion House upon Dior’s death. There a year later Yves Saint Lauren’s trapeze dress set his career on fire, and he soon started his own label, YSL, for which he’s created so many popular items, including the safari jacket, thigh high boots and a tuxedo for women.

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