Jean Watts, from Instagram influencer to receipent of Cinémoi’s 2019 Cinéspotlight Emerging Artist.

Cinéspolight: Jean Watts 1

Jean Watts hailing from Chicago, moved to LA to pursue her dream of being a musician. But first, Watts started her career as a beauty blogger and quickly became an Instagram influencer with her magnetic make-up photographs. Eventually, she transitioned to another of her passions, music. To some the music career came as a surprise, but Watts has been involved in music in one way or another since the age of three. Music runs in her family, as her father was a musician. Her music career took off with her beautiful cover of Drake’s song “Fake Love,” where she showed off her vocals and piano prowess.

Since then, Watts has enjoyed success with the catchy tune ‘Spirit Animal’ followed by ‘Feels the Same,’ with each music video pulling in hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube and listens on streaming platforms. During the past two years, her sound has evolved and continues to change. Her latest single ‘Evicted’ has over 160k listens on Spotify and almost 150k views on YouTube and, the catchy electronic sound and visually arresting music video will have you humming the song for days.